Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1210 and counting

Despite being one of the fastest growing minority groups in the United States, Asians have one of the lowest voter participation rates. CASL-AB set out this past Saturday to help change this with our second Voter Registration Drive. We registered 12 voters in both the Chinatown and Bridgeport neighborhoods and, with the 20 from our inaugural drive, helped the CBCAC surpass their goal of 1200!

Cathy, who single-handedly registered 4 voters during September's drive, led the recent event. Her thoughts:
Being able to see old friends and a few new faces on such a cold day was great.  Approaching strangers in Chinatown / Bridgeport was definitely not the easiest thing, however being able to get outside of our comfort zones and register more voters made the entire experience extra rewarding.  It was wonderful to see everyone working together to further strengthen the community.

 Orientation in the CASL board room
 Quick photo in the stairwell on our way out of the CASL headquarters
 Connecting with Atarah, the co-founder of the Chinese Language and Culture Association (CLCA) at Chicago State University and a Chinatown tour guide
 Kat and Katie, students at the University of Chicago and long-time volunteers of CASL's Cup of Tea program, stopped by to register also! Thanks ladies!
 LOVED their enthusiasm and energy! Definitely looking forward to working with them both on future CASL-AB events :)
Happy with our numbers, especially Ed Chen (center), president of TACL TAP-Chicago, who registered 3 in Bridgeport!

Thank you to all our volunteers! And don't forget to vote; election date is Tuesday, Nov 6 :)

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