Thursday, October 25, 2012

Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Tonight was a wonderful reminder of CASL's humble beginnings and exponential growth due to the compassion and hard work of volunteers and staff. Twelve of us from the Associate Board attended CASL's Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, along with many others who help with client service programs and behind-the-scenes work.

Bernie Wong, President of CASL, and Esther Wong, Executive Director, both spoke of the important role that volunteers play at CASL; without these dedicated volunteers, the operation of many programs simply would not be possible. To learn more about opportunities to give back, click on the SERVICES tab on CASL's homepage.

  CASL-AB with CASL development staff and CASL president and co-founder, Bernie

The evening of food and fun concluded with this year's volunteer awards.  Our very own Jing Cheng and Johnny Mui were both recipients, among others. They were acknowledged for their leadership work as Associate Board Co-Chairs, and Jing was also praised for her involvement with the Cup of Tea program. CASL-AB was mentioned numerous times for being service-minded and organized, focused and invigorated. We're so honored and proud to be a part of such an incredible organization!

A special shout out to KC, Cathy, and John who attended the dinner - thanks for being such awesome AB volunteers! :)

 Jing accepting a recognition award from Bernie
Membership co-chairs Gabe and Ron accepting a recognition award on behalf of Johnny
 A lovely performance of the handkerchief dance by CASL's youth dance troupe

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